[Date & Time] November 15, 2020 (Sun), 2:30PM
[Venue] Kioi Sho Hall (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Part I: Songs
Singers: Yoshiko Hinata and Osamu Hinata
Accompanists: Hitomi Misonou (piano), Noriko Nishida (flute)
Song’s titles: -Il segreto per esser felici from Opera “Lucrezia Borgia”, Yoshiko Hinata
-Amazing Grace by Yoshiko Hinata
-Mogamigawa Funa Uta by Yoshiko Hinata
-Bara Irono Jinsei by Osamu Hinata
-Kareha by Osamu Hinata
-Yukigafuru by Osamu Hinata
-Watashino Kaiten Mokuba by Osamu Hinata
-Venice no Shanikusai by Noriko Nishida
-Fantasia “Sakura Sakura”,by Hitomi Misonou
-Nobara by Yoshiko Hinata
-Akaoni to Aooni no Tango by Osamu Hinata
-A melody of Japanese Autumn songs: Satono aki, Momiji, Makkana aki,
Muramatsuri, Chisai aki mitsuketa, Akatonbo, by Yoshiko and Osamu

Part II: Gagaku Performance by Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble
Kangen (winds & strings): “Banshikicho-no-netori", "Hakuchu", "Somakusha-no-ha"
Bugaku (dance): "Kanshu"
Songs of “Oshiki cho Etenraku-imayou” & “Ichikotsu cho Kimigayo” by Hinata siblings and Mr. Shogo Anzai

Special guest musician: Mr. Shogo Anzai, former chief court musician of the Music Department at the Imperial Household Agency
Organizer: Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble


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   On a fine Autumn day on Sunday, November 15, with no clouds in the sky, under the theme of “Music binds the world, wishing for the end of Covid 19”, the 11th Gagaku and International Cultural Exchange Program was held at Yotsuya Kioi Sho Hall. Despite the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic, a total of 118 people came to the event including some dignitaries such as Mr. Eisuke Mori who is a member of the House of Representatives and an adviser to the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble, Mr. Masato Kitera who was the former Japanese Ambassador to France and many others.
   To open the event, President of the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble, Yoichiro Iguchi, gave a welcome speech and then the program began.
   The first part of the program was songs by Mr. Osamu Hinata and Ms. Yoshiko Hinata. They sang various Japanese as well as western songs accompanied by piano (Hitomi Misonou) and flute (Noriko Nishida). They fascinated the audience with their beautiful voice and sang the following familiar songs: Amazing Grace, Mogamigawa Funa Uta, Bara Irono Jinsei, Kareha, Yukigafuru, Watashino Kaiten Mokuba, Venice no Shanikusai, Fantasia “Sakura Sakura”, Nobara, Akaoni to Aooni no Tango and A melody of Japanese Autumn songs.

   The second part was a performance of gagaku with a special guest, Mr. Shogo Anzai. The Kangen music was specially selected for the victims of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Bugaku Kanshu was chosen to expel evil spirits. Lastly, Mr. Osamu Hinata and Ms. Yoshiko Hinata appeared again on the stage and sang Etenraku-imayou and Kimigayo with the accompaniment of gagaku.
   Some comments from the participants were: “I enjoyed the new style of the performance”, “The first part was composed of familiar popular songs, sung by Mr. Osamu Hinata, normally an MC of this event and his older sister Ms. Yoshiko Hinata, an opera singer. The second part of gagaku was an intellectual time for me because it took me back to the Nara Era which overlapped with my recent visit to Yakushiji and Toshodaiji in Nara.”




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