Opening Ceremony of 150 Years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium


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  In July 2011, Kitanodai Gagaku Kai, established in 1982, filed an application to the Cabinet Office of the Japanese government in order to obtain status as a public organization to smooth its overseas activities. In November 2012, it was granted this status and became the public interest incorporated association,Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble.
  The objective of the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble is to promote international cultural exchanges and to educate and raise the aesthetic sensibilities of young people through gagaku, a classical Japanese art form with a rich, thousand-year history and high international recognition.
  From its inception, the Ensemble studied under the late Mr. Fumitaka Thogi, the former chief court musician of the Music Department of the Imperial Household Agency of Japan and currently receives lessons from Mr. Shogo Anzai, the former chief court musician of the Music Department at the Agency.

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  Speech by distinguished guests of various fields and nationalities and Gagaku performance    


 Introduction of Gagaku to Educational Institutions

 Collaborating with “Traditional Performing Art - Western Music ~ Interaction Program”"
   Collaborating with Citizen's Activities and Culture promotion Division of Chiba Prefecture