The World Music Festival in Hamamatsu 2016


Date: November 6, 2016, 13:30pm

Venue: ACT CITY Hamamatsu Main Hall

Organized by: UNESCO City of Music Hamamatsu Executive Committee/ Hamamatsu City

Sponsors: Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan, Roland, Kawai, Yamaha

Program: Roei “Kashin” and Bugaku “Kanshu” by Kitnodai Gagaku Ensemble
        “Hyojo Etenraku” by Tiger Okoshi and Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble

Attendance: about 1000 people


   In December 2014, Hamamatsu joined UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, the first city in Asia to do so in the field of music. As more cities joined the network at the end of the year 2015, there are now 19 cities around the world connected to each other through this network, exploring together the unlimited potential of music.

   This year, top artists representing their respective regions from thirteen of these UNESCO Cities of Music came together in “Hamamatsu, Japan’s music capital”, to take part in “the World Music Festival in Hamamatsu 2016”. At this new type of music festival, a diversity of instruments and musical cultures transcended boundaries and merged together. The inspiring performances of the musicians who have gathered here from across the seas, from Africa, Europe, South America and Asia, breathed new life into Hamamatsu, a city that has made music a driving force in its urban development. The four days to experience the music of the world was ended.

   The Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble participated in this event to do the joint performance with Trumpeter Tiger Okoshi, Professor of Music at Berklee College in Boston.

   Some of the comments from the audience: “I was moved by the sound of trumpet. It was like the soul’s cry”, “It was like a fusion of Eastern music and the Western trumpet”.


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