Let's Learn From Professionals: Musical Instrument Clinic

January 14, 2014: The 7th Clinic at Ichihara City Anesaki Higashi Junior High School


  The 7th and the last clinic was held at Anesaki Higashi Jr. High School which is located in the heart of Keihin industrial district. Despite its location, the school is surrounded by nature. The school commemorated the 30th anniversary of its founding.
  One hundred eighty nine students from the 10th and 11th grade participated in the clinic. Students first enjoyed the performance of Kangen “Hyojo Etenraku” and then joined the members of the Ensemble to sing Roei “Kashin.” They also listened to the gagaku performance of the song ”Going Home” which was adapted from the Symphony No. 9 (Dvořák), From the New World.
  Afterwards, students learned a part of "Karyobin" dance movements. The program ended with a Q& A session.



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