February 9 2013
Dr. Huygens visited the Ensemble head office


  Dr. Ado Huygens of Belgium visited the head office of the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble in Isumi, Chiba from February 9 to February 17. The objective of his visit was to prepare for the 2016 gagaku concert in Europe titled "Miyabi" and also to meet with Mr. & Mrs. Iguchi, president and vice president of the Ensemble, to discuss a scenario and the production of the concert. Dr. Ado took photos and videotaped the ensemble members during their rehearsal.
  Dr. Ado is the president of International Federation of Daseinsanalysis, which has offices in 15 nations in the world. He has been offering counseling, seminars and lectures all over the world for the unification of a philosophy, an art and psychotherapy.
  Dr. Ado was very fascinated by the high level of an artistic beauty of Japan in gagaku, that he came up with an idea of producing a gagaku concert titled "Miyabi" in which he would utilize a screen and lighting to express visually the cultural as well as spiritual aspects of Japan for the audience in Europe .
  During his stay, Dr. Ado also visited Katori Shrine in Chiba on February 12 and met with Mr. Ryuzo Kouda, a senior priest. (Photos by Mr. Ryuzo Koda)

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