Gagaku Summer Program at Chiba University of Commerce


Date & Time: Aug. 19. 2022 (Fri), 14:30 ~ 15:50
Venue: Large conference room, 7th floor, Main building at Chiba
            University of Commerce

➀ Appreciate Gagaku
・Explanation of Gagaku and introduction of instruments
・Bugaku “Manzairaku”
② Experience of bugaku
・Explanation of how dancers enter onto the stage.
Participants try out the dance.
③ Q & A Session

   On August 19, a summer gagaku program was held at the 7th floor conference room of the main building on the campus of Chiba University of
   Commerce. The university has been holding an international exchange event every year in August for which foreign students are invited to experience the traditional culture of Japan. This year, the students had the opportunity to appreciate and experience gagaku as part of the event. As the participants were oversea students, the program was conducted in both English and Japanese. For most of the students, it was their first encounter with bugaku and their participation in the dancing and the Q&A session made evident their interest in the art.


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