Gagaku Performance on Feb 9, 2019 at the Ceremony for the completion of the new Isumi Shiritu Isumi Elementary School


   Gagaku was performed at the ceremony for the completion of the Isumi Elementary School building in Isumi City. The new building was planned and constructed to unify all the pupils from three elementary schools (Tuschimachi, Kuniyoshi and Nakagawa elementary schools) located within the Isumi district in Isumi city where school enrollments were particularly decreasing from the declining birthrates.

   A total of 280 pupils will be learning at this new school starting April. Before the opening of the school, the ceremony was held to celebrate the completion in the presence of about 100 guests such as Mr. Hiroshi Ohta - mayor of Isusmi city, Mr. Masakazu Koji – member of Chiba prefectural assembly and advisor to the Kitanodai Gagakui Ensemble, many city council members, contractors, and others dignitaries.

   During the ceremony, the children’s Shishimai dance performance by the Kounodai Kagurabayashi Hozonkai was shown, and the pupils played brass instruments. At the end, the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble performed bugaku, Hokutei-raku for this wonderful occasion.


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