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Japan Festival Boston 2018

Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018

Venue: Boston Common, the oldest park in USA

Organizers: Japan Boston Festival Driving Committee

Hosting organizations: Japanese Business Bureau of Boston (JBBB), Japanese Association of Greater Boston, Showa Boston, New England JET Alumni Association

Supporting organizations: Consulate-General of Japan in Boston, Japan Society of Boston


  The Japan Festival Boston is an outdoor event taking place at the center of Boston city. Since the first Festival held in 2012 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the gift of cherry blossom trees from Kyoto (the sister city of Boston) to Washington D.C., it has become an annual event, attracting more and more people each year with about 70000 people in attendance this year during the two days period.

  The Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble has been present since the second festival, and this year marks the 6th appearance at the festival. The Ensemble performed bugaku, "Urayasuno mai". During the dance, the audience was requested by Mr. Iguchi, president of the Ensemble, to sing along with him to accompany the dance. The dance was well received by the audience.

(Comments by Mr. Rokuichiro Michii, Consul General of Japan in Boston and Mrs. Ikuko Michii)
 Thank you for today’s performance. I was very pleased to see that once your performance began, more and more people started to gather around the stage and during the performance, the audience became part of the performance by joining the singing. It was well devised and was remarkably wonderful dance to enjoy the traditional arts.

(Comments by Ms. Kiyoko Morita, former Japanese lecturer at Tufts University)
 Because of bugaku, the Festival became more sparkling. I was worried about the rain, but when bugaku started, it stopped and even the sun came out later. Thank you for the performance.

(Comments by Ms. Etsuko Yashiro, Co-President of the Japan Boston Festival Driving Committee)
 Boston will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of becoming the sister city of Kyoto next year, and therefore, the city of Kyoto will be supporting the next year’s festival. We, the staff, will do our best to make the festival more enjoyable, so we look forward to your continued support. I hope to see you in Japan.

(Comments by Mr. Hideki Hiromoto, Stage Executive Manager, and Ms. Michi Nagai, Stage MC)
 Thank you for coming all the way to be part of the festival. Despite the wet weather, as if our prayers were heard, the sun even came out later. The attendees were fascinated by the performance and Prof. Tiger Ohkoshi from the Berklee College of Music was singing aloud. For the next year’s festival, I will take more time for the planning, so I look forward to your continued support. I wish you a good health and prosperity.

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