2014 The concert of "Seigaiha Performance at the Danube, the Rhine and Mediterranean Regions"

2014 Japan Foundation’s Arts and Cultural Exchange Grant Program


Vienna, Austria

Date: May 16-17
Organizer: The Museum of Ethnology Vienna
Venue: Entrance Hall at the Museum of Ethnology Vienna, Austria

Munich, Germany

Date: May 19
Organizer: The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Orff Center Munich
Venue: Orff Center Munich, Germany

Strasbourg, France

Date: May 21
Organizer: Consulate-General of Japan, The European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace & City of Strasbourg​
Venue: Conservatoire-Cité de la musique et de la danse Strasbourg, France

Bremen, Germany

Date: May 23
Organizer: Oversea Museum Bremen
Venue: Oversea Museum Bremen, Germany

Casablanca, Morocco

Date: May 25
Organizers: A volunteer group of Japanese expatriates in Casablanca
Venue: Kishi residence in Casablanca

Rabat, Morocco

Date: May 26
Organizer: Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Morocco & Embassy of Japan in Morocco
Venue: National Mohammed V Theatre in Rabat, Morocco

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