2013 Domestic Activities

December 4
"Let's Learn from Professionals: Musical Instrument Clinic" 4th Clinic at Narashino City Okubo Higashi Elementary School

  The 4th clinic was held at Okubo Higashi Elementary School located in an area of Shimōsa Plateau.
  About 107 students from the 6th grade joined the clinic. Kangen Hyojo Etenraku and Bugaku Karyobin were performed. In addition, they learned about "Derute" of Karyobin dance and instruments. The students greatly enjoyed the hands-on experience of gagaku.
(see the photo page)



November 29
"Let's Learn from Professionals: Musical Instrument Clinic" 3rd Clinic at Kyonan Choritsu Kyonan Jr. High School

  The 3rd clinic was held at Kyonan Jr. High School located in a area overlooking Tokyo Bay.
  The clinic was held for the 10th and 11th grade students (130 in total). Kangen Hyojo Etenraku and Bugaku Saho Seigaiha were performed. Afterwards, students sang the shoka of Etenraku with the members of the Ensemble. At the end of the program, the 10th graders (64 students) were given the opportunity to play the instruments.
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November 21
"Let's Learn from Professionals: Musical Instrument Clinic" 2nd Clinic at Tomisato City Jr. high School

  The second clinic was held at Tomisato Jr. High School in Tomisato City, a neighboring city of Narita International Airport.
  They not only enjoyed the performance by the Ensemble but also participated in Roei, singing of kashin(Hyojo), and part of Bugaku dance.
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November 17
Gagaku Concert at a Parents Meeting by Meiji University Parents Association

  The 9th parents meeting was held at Liberty Hall. During the meeting, various events organized by students were introduced, and like last year Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble performed at the end.
  The program was the same as last year. First, the instruments were introduced, followed by the performance of Kangen Sojo no netori, Konjyu no ha, and Saho Bugaku Kanshu.


September 26
"Let's Learn from Professionals: Musical Instrument Clinic" at Katori City Junior High School

  The first clinic was held at Katori Jr. High School in Katori City in Chiba, where a famous Katori Shrine is located.
  The school has a curriculum to teach gagaku as part of comprehensive study. Students taking gagaku lessons at the school performed Etenraku with the Ensemble. (see the photo page)


March 16
Gagaku Concert at Noboribetsu, Hokkaido

  A gagaku concert titled First Gagaku Experience- Listening and Touching was held at Noboribetsu Civic Center in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido on March 16, 2013.
  More than two years ago a committee was formed to organize this event. Many municipal and private organizations put their efforts together for this concert which became a grant program of Hokkaido.
  Before the performance, Ms. Mizue Ishmoto, Deputy Bureau Manger of Iburi General Subprefectual Bureau and Mr. Shunichi Ogasawara, mayor of Noboribetsu City greeted the audience. A message from Manabu Horii, member of the Lower House, was also read. The concert started with Kangen followed by Bugaku.
  (Excerpts from Muroran Minpo and Hokkaido Shimbun : Japanese only)


March 9
The 2nd Gagaku and International Cultural Exchange Event

  The 2nd Gagaku International Cultural Exchange Event was held at Ginza Jyujiya Hall in Tokyo. His Excellency Mr. Samir Arrour and his wife of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Japan supported this cultural event.
  About one hundred people including dignitaries such as Mr. Eisuke Mori, member of the House of Representatives , Mr. Jun Yokota, Ambassador in charge of Economic diplomacy, Mr. Takeshi Hikihara, Deputy Director-General from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lahousin Rahmouni, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Japan and Mr. Yoichi Ohta, mayor of Isumi City gathered at the Hall.
  After the speech by Mr. Eisuke Mori, the performance began and Kangen Sojo no netori and Konjyu no ha were performed followed by bugaku Kanshu.
  After the performance, Mr. Yukio Hakkaku, former Counselor at the Embassy of Japan in Luxembourg lectured on "Embassy's work in Africa and cultural exchange program in Europe."
  After the lecture, Mrs. Hakkaku demonstrated the preparations of Moroccan cuisines such as Harira and Khobz. In addition, Mr. Nadir, chef from the Moroccan Embassy in Tokyo showed the audience how to prepare mint tea on the stage.
  At the reception, participants enjoyed Moroccan sweets, dates, and wine.
  In May, 2014, a gagaku concert is planned in Morocco to deepen a friendship between Morocco and Japan.
  (See the photo page) (See details on the 1st event)


March 5
Gagaku Concert at Nakane Elemetary School

  As part of the "Farewell Ceremony for the 6th Grade Students", a gagaku concert was held at Nakane Elementary School in Isumi, Chiba for the 5th and 6th grade students.
  The 6th grade students first sang Etenraku Imayo followed by the Ensemble's Kangen Hyojo Etenraku and Saho bugaku Karyobin.
  Students' comments: I never heard of the music before. It was a different sound than I expected.


February 9
Dr. Huygens visited the Ensemble head office

Dr. Ado Huygens of Belgium visited the head office of the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble in Isumi, Chiba from February 9 to February 17. The objective of his visit was to prepare for the 2016 gagaku concert in Europe titled "Miyabi" and also to meet with Mr. & Mrs. Iguchi, president and vice president of the Ensemble, to discuss a scenario and the production of the concert. Dr. Ado took photos and videotaped the ensemble members during their rehearsal. Dr. Ado is the president of International Federation of Daseinsanalysis, which has offices in 15 nations in the world. He has been offering counseling, seminars and lectures all over the world for the unification of a philosophy, an art and psychotherapy. Dr. Ado was very fascinated by the high level of an artistic beauty of Japan in gagaku, that he came up with an idea of producing a gagaku concert titled "Miyabi" in which he would utilize a screen and lighting to express visually the cultural as well as spiritual aspects of Japan for the audience in Europe . During his stay, Dr. Ado also visited Katori Shrine in Chiba on February 12 and met with Mr. Ryuzo Kouda, a senior priest. (Photos by Mr. Ryuzo Koda)


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