Oct. 16: The Bowker Auditorium at UMass-Amherst


Organizer: University of Massachusetts

Co-organizer: Sunbow 5 Foundation, Inc.

Program: Kangen: Taishikicho-no-Netori, Keibairaku-no-kyu, Rinko kotadatsu,
     Bugaku: Karyobin, Seigaiha


   Bowker Auditorium, an excellent venue with balconies and good acoustic, hosted the Ensemble's "Furoshiki" performance in 2008 coordinated by Professor Ranjanaa Devi, director of Asian Arts & Culture Program at UMass Amherst. Her plans for a tea ceremony event in 2012 turned into last year's gagaku tour to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the gift of cherry blossom trees from Japan to the United States and this year's US East Coast Concert Tour. So, in this sense, it all started from here.

   Before the performance, Professor Anne Prescott, director of the Five College Center for Asian Studies, gave a pre-concert talk and who was followed by Prof. Devi's opening remarks.



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