Oct. 11-12: Frist Campus Center at Princeton University


Organizer: East Asian Studies at Princeton University

Co-organizer: Sunbow 5 Foundation, Inc.

Program: Kangen: Taishikicho-no-Netori, Keibairaku-no-kyu, Rinko kotadatsu,
     Bugaku: Karyobin
     Lecture by Mr. Amane Tatsumura on "Nishiki Weaving"
     (Mr. Tatsumura's Web)
     Bugaku: Seigaiha


   The first concert for the US East Coast University Tour was held at Princeton University located in Princeton, New Jersey. Founded in 1746, it is one of Ivy League schools and has been ranked at the top in many university rankings in the world.
   Gagaku performance was held on Oct. 11 and 12 at Frist Campus Center. About 200 people including teachers and parents from a local Japanese weekend school came to see the performance. The weekend school is designated by Japanese Ministry of Education as a model school.
   Mr. Amane Tatsumura, Nishiki weaving artist from Kyoto, talked about Nishiki weaving and "Seigaiha" costume. Participants were fascinated by his talk.
   For "Karyobin" dance two bugaku students from Belgium joined the performance at this venue.


Frist Campus Center

Prof. Thomas Hare, director of East Asian Studies Program and a professor of Comparative Literature, emceed the first performance.

Mr. Oliver Marsh emceed the second day performance.
His explanation in both Japanese and English was well received by the audience.

Mr. Tatsumura's lecture


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