2013 Gagaku Concert Tour at U.S. East Coast Universities


Oct. 11-12:  Performance at Princeton University

Oct. 15: Performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston

Oct. 16: Performance at University of Massachusetts Amherst

Oct. 17: Workshop at the Asian Languages & Literatures, Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures at UMASS Amherst

Oct. 18: Introduction of Gagaku in Prof. Sarkissian's Class at Smith College (Northampton, Massachusetts)


Kangen: Taishiki cho netori, Keibairaku no kyu, Rinko kotatsu, Chogeishi

Bugaku: Karyobin, Seigaiha


Mr. Amane Tatsumura (Nishiki Weaving)

Profile for Amane Tatsumura

Born in 1974 in Kyoto as the first son of Tatsumura Koho, Nishiki weaving artist. Graduate of Tokyo Zokei University.
Future successor and has engaged in various Nishiki weaving projects.
Works with traditional Japanese treadle-operated tall loom.
Has done works in calligraphy, seal-engraving and pottery.
Representative director of Tatsumura Koho Co.
Trustee of Japan Traditional Textile Foundation
Adjunct instructor at Doshisha University Project Department.
Tatsumura Koha, founder and great grandfather
Tatsumura Kosho, second generation and grandfather.


Link to Tatsumura Koho Co.: http://www.koho-nishiki.com/en/

Link to Japan Traditional Textile Foundation: http://www.jttf.or.jp (Japanese only)


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