Oct. 15: The Berklee Performance Center at Berklee College of Music


Organizer: Brass Department at Berklee College of Music

Co-organizer: Sunbow 5 Foundation, Inc.

Program: Kangen: Taishikicho-no-Netori, Keibairaku-no-kyu, Rinko kotadatsu,
     Bugaku: Karyobin
     Lecture by Mr. Amane Tatsumura on "Nishiki Weaving"
     (Mr. Tatsumura's Web)
     Bugaku: Seigaiha


   When Berklee College of music was established in 1945, main stream of the time was classic music. However, Berklee was founded to teach contemporary music such and since then has contributed toward the development of today's jazz and popular music theory.
   Before the concert, a clinic for the introduction of gagaku instruments was held. The clinic was followed by the main concert in the evening.
   Professor Tiger Okoshi, graduated at the top of the list in 1975 and became a faculty of the college in 1976. He organized the concert and joined the Ensemble with his trumpet to play along a gagaku piece called Etenraku on stage.
   During the concert, Mr. Amane Tatsumura gave a lecture on "Nishiki Weaving." Mr. Tatsumura is the future successor of Tatsumura Koho Co. in Kyoto.
   The instrument players wore for the first time newly made Kasane shozoku costumes which further brightened the stage.
   Karyobin dance was performed by three dancers from Japan and one dancer from Vermont.


Performance Center at Berklee College of Music

Clinic for the introduction of gagaku instruments
Interpretation and explanation was made by Prof. Okoshi

Emceed by Professor Allen Levines from the Composition Department.
He teaches Japanese music and is knowledgeable on gagaku instruments.

Prof. Tiger Okoshi played "Etenraku"along with the Ensemble.

Mr. Amane Tatsumura and the display of Nishiki art works


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