Activities in Japan 2012

August 18th, 2012
  As Part of the Gagaku and International Cultural Exchange Program,
  the first lecture is titled The Duties and realities of Diplomats - Africa

  As part of an international cultural exchange program, Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble and Association for Japanese Classical Performing Arts of Japan jointly held a lecture meeting titled “Gagaku and International Cultural Exchange” at Hiratsuka Chuo Kominkan.
Mr. Yukio Hakkaku, former Counselor at the Japanese Embassy to Luxemburg, was a guest speaker and spoke about “The Duties and realities of Diplomats– Africa.” About 50 people who were members of Bugaku dance classes participated.
  After the lecture, Mrs. Hakkaku demonstrated how to prepare the Moroccan couscous dish and later participants enjoyed tasting it.
  Next lecture is scheduled in February, 2013. (Learn More)


Nov. 15, 2012
  Performance at Hitomi Memorial Hall, Showa Women’s University

  The first gagaku performance as the public interest incorporated association Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble was held on November 15 at Hitomi Memorial Hall, Showa Women’s University in Setagaya, Tokyo. This Hall, considered a temple of classical music, has had many distinguished players perform on its stage.
  The concert was sponsored by the University as part of its cultural studies course and was open not only to students but to the public as well. The concert’s program was the same as the ones performed at the Symphony Hall in Boston which took place in April, 2012 as part of the Japan-US Cherry Blossom Centennial Performance.
  A pair of large tsuri-daiko and a pair of large shoko rented from Miyamoto Unosuke Co., Ltd. was set up on the stage together with other instruments to create an orthodox formation.
(see photos)

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